come eliminare il gioco lento

How to cancel the slow play

Como eliminar el juego lento

Comment eliminer le jeu lent

Do you want to increase the amount of your green fees by optimizing the number of players on your golf course?
Do you want to reduce the number of angry players for long waits?
Do you want to improve the work of your marshall?
SpeedyGolf is what you need!

Slow play is a problem for everyone

For the players

Who complain of too much time
spent in the course and the long waits

For Golf Clubs

Which are facing disgruntled customers and so are obliged to limit the number of accesses to the course with related receipts losses

Our new App "SpeedyGolf" will solve all these problems


It is a downloadable app for all Apple and Android devices. Apple ed Android.

It 's enought that one player of the team uses the app on his smartphone before playing from the first tee that the Golf Office and the marshals will know, in real time and in which part of the course, there are problems of slow play. In this way you can act promptly and without possibility of errors on slow teams to allow a fluid and smooth game for all the players. Speedygolf has different levels of alarms that can be set to your advantage: the Golf Manager and the Marshals, on their devices, can control the position of all the teams in the crucial points of the course and will be alerted by an audible and visual alarm in case of problematic situations. The players also may be notified with simple icons and audible warnings.

How does it work


Before playing on the first tee , the player turns on the app pressing the "Start" button. If, along the course , the team should slow down the players will be advised by a first "yellow" alert, sound and visual, and (if the situation continues beyond a certain time), by a subsequent "red" one.
At the end of the the game, pressing the "Stop" button, the player will receive a sms with his playing time for further checks. The Golf Manager and the marshals can choose to display on their device all the teams or only the "slow" teams using the same kind of "alarm" if they exceed the selected time. The Speedygolf operations are very simple and intuitive with great results from the first use. The same app can also be used to track maintenance workers and verify the planned time-working.
Compared to other GPS systems that need to install the recorder on carts or on the bag of the "walking" players our app has a lot of advantages
– the Golf Club doesn't need to spend money to buy GPS receivers and recharge them every day
– there are no problems with damages or loss of the receivers
– there is a lower use of energy
– the players can check their playing-time

How to join the project

Buying a Speedygolf annual license, the Golf Club will permit the free download to their players, using Apple-store and Play Store for Android.

Players don't need any registration, password etc. "Speedygolf" is very simple to use for everybody.

The license includes

The detection of the focal areas of the course.
The storing of the data on the server for one year with the playing-time statistycs, downloadable in Excel

Payment Method

The activation cost is of euro 690 (tax incl.)
It is possible to pay by PayPal payment or by transer to:

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Via IV Novembre 13
10081 Castellamonte (TO), Italia,
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